Dear Sir Alexandru,

        I would like to address this recommendation letter to present mr. Sebastian Haja in order to work as a swimming coach at the Vaya gym.
        I had the opportunity to know her him when we both worked at a gym . I worked with him for 3 years and I can say that he is the person you are looking for, punctual, disciplined, a man dedicated to his work, plus a sociable person who knows how to handle tense moments.
         Throughout the time spent in that job, I could see his serious and disciplined way of acting. He was always the first to work and he was the last to leave, he prepared the pool and cleaned it every time he needed, he also didn't accept to be dirt anywhere. The highest quality I can describe is his ability to swim, it is like a fish, it he moves so fast and clearly explains all the steps that his students should have done, plus I think you should take considering consider his history as a sportsman in this field.
        I want to add his image as a teacher. He is very patient with all the students, he doesn't scream and always makes things easy and with incredible calm. Once, there was a child who was very stubborn and didn't  want to get into the water, pushing others, making a lot of noise and dirt. Plus, if he walked into the pool, he didn't want to go out. Well, Mr. Sebastian acted very calmly and told him that  he didn't  stop he would be forbidden to enter this room and his family the same. This child stopped makeing trouble. I would like to tell say about the quality of a colleague of a classmate that this man has, he always helps others and is exemplary with all, he treats them equally.
                 In the issue, I would like to strongly recommend Mr. Sebastian Haja to be a swimming coach at the Vaya gym.

With respect,
Mia Ursu

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