Albert Camus says that ,,It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money’’ . Which is more important to you? Material prosperity or soul fulfillment? Well, when it comes to me, I understand that for the real happiness, you need a balance between that those two points. But is that possible? Well, all this can be done in a society not giving a thought to what tomorrow might bring, but in a society full of uncertainty like ours, it is very difficult.
          Firstly, I believe that the definition of happiness is different for every person. Even if we'd like to say, because sounds wonderful, that we want soul fulfillment,  somehow fate will make us see things differently, giving more importance to material prosperity, forgetting in the end about the soul fulfillment. But under these circumstances there will be another issue, like why those people don't feel guilty because of the indifference that it shows when it comes to spiritual fulfillment. The answer is simple: for some people, being fulfilled comes only from having a good financial support the kind of stability that, for them, can be brought only through money. And there's nothing to blame, because they are aware of these aspects and they don’t try to deny the truth.
          Secondly, there is another category of people, among which who I would count myself, where spiritual fulfillment would be more important if they found a job where they could show their full potential, even if they couldn't earn a lot of money. And that is possible, because the peace of your soul cannot be bought with money, and the lack of cheerfulness at work can’t be masked with any salary. After all, the most important thing is to do what you like.
          All things considered, I think that is very hard to define which material prosperity or soul fulfillment can bring you the most satisfaction, because ideally would be to have both of them (they are almost inseparable), but at least we can try every day to make do something that really matter...s... for us in order to be happy.

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