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Dear diary,

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Today I've realised a lot of things. I think I got wiser in 24 hours. I think I'll get wiser in the next 24 hours. I think I'll become all-mighty. Or, maybe, I'll sit in bed all day, being too tired to get myself out of the door. And I'll just sit with the amount of wiseness I already got. Or maybe not.
That's the thing.
You don't know what will happen. I don't know what will happen. Nobody knows what will happen. I think not even God knows what will happen. I think he sometimes just sees an opportunity and goes "Oh! I have an idea!" and he goes with the flow. "What's the worst that will happen?" he may be asking himself. Wow. The world really is just as messed up as the english language.
I'm going off subject.
Today, I've realised just how different people actually are from what they seem. You meet someone, and you think "Oh my God, I think I... just met an incredible human being!". SIKE! They're not as amazing as you think they are. Today I've realised that a very close friend of mine turned out .... being not-as-amazing as I thought she was. You know, people turn out to be fake, selfish, or they just get annoying with time. You see, that's why I was talking about how nobody knows what will happen. I mean, I didn't know I was going to hate one of the most important persons of my life. Wow. That's very sad if you say it that way. I don't know, it feels as if she didn't support me in anything anymore. As if she only cared about how to make herself liked rather than actually taknig care of me. As if she had some other goal. Somebody else, maybe? I don't really know, and I've come to the point where I don't even care anymore really. I think I'll just let life live itself and throw some jokes from time to time. I swear I'm not depressed. Just lost a little bit. And I think I've been lost for some time now. I wasn't happy. For so long.
But hey, at least I've realised, right?

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I get you. I really do. The universe itself itís just a chaotic place witch just exist. There are many theoriesí that say the fact that we exist in countless realityís at once so why should we care about anything? Well because there is no escape from our own reality so we need to keep trying to make things better. We canít just hop on a portal and explore the universe, or can we? Sorry for that, I guess that I watched too much Rick and Morty . Keep one thing in your mind: SOMETIMES PEOPLE SUCK BUT SOMETIMES THEY DONíT. At list this is what I do.



Iíve been there buddy. Every one of us probably was. You are not alone and that is why Iím telling you that you are going to be fine. I know it sounds like a cliché but is the truth. Some people will let you down, some people will disappoint you, some people will use you or treat you like you are nothing but what can you do about that? You can be better! In the end, only you are the one who matters. At the end of the day you have to be able to say ď I did the right thingĒ, ďI was goodĒ ďI did goodĒ. It does not matter what the other one did, it matters if you are pleased with yourself. Donít stop carrying, get hurt. Something good will come out of it. You! You will be fine even if you donít see it that way now. Everything happens for a reason.

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I love this one because it has a great meaning and the person who wrote this is very sensitive


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear diary,