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Miss Griffin (Describe a former teacher you liked)

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I still remember that day. We were all very stressed. Our English teacher, Mrs. Millard, a very loved person by us, has retired and now, we were going to have a new teacher, about whom we were knowing knew absolutely nothing. Her name was Miss Griffin.
     We felt nervous when we first heard her heels on the corridor’s floor. We were very silent when she entered the classroom. She was a charismatic person, certainly. She was possesing possessed a proud and sophisticated aura, but very serene at the same time.
     At our first contact with her, like with every other teacher, the first thing we could distinguish on at her was her appearance. She was tall and thin, and most probably in her late twenties. She was a great example of what is called an “exotic beauty”. She was having had very fine features, full, beautifully..... shaped lips, high cheekbones, and pearl teeth. And the harmony of these shapes was the one that made her a “beauty”. And what was making made her an “exotic” one was the chromatic of her face. Long turquoise eyes on her creole skin, surrounded by a black and shiny long hair. And her exotic appearance was highlighted by the long silk and satin sarfs scarfs she was always wearing wore.
     Her voice was of a warm and very feminine timbre, pronouncing words with a slight french French accent, with which she was telling told us lots of stories from the places she has had been. Because she was possesing possessed a very strong wanderlust, and her storyteller talent was making made us see all the beautiful landscapes in front of our eyes. And she was also possesinged a very sophisticated vocabulary, making us feel extremly comfortable when listening or talking to her.
     I’ll never forget Miss Griffin, because of her unusual beauty, charisma, and and for her storyteller talent that made our hearts wander inside us through the world.

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Your teacher sure was beautiful! The way you described her appearance helped me get a very clear picture in my head. Personally,  I would have liked the composition better if you had included more of her personality traits. Otherwise, it was great. Keep up the good work!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Miss Griffin (Describe a former teacher you liked)