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A crazy person

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Anne is perfectly fine. Anne is nothing but a normal thirteen year old girl that spend..most of..... her life with her father that takes very good care of her
Anne is the daughter of the old university teacher Mr. Lanister. She was a normal child. She still IS a normal child.  She spend spentmost of her time in her room alone, just staying in her bed until her father comes is comingin and takes her to the hospital ( which was really close). Her father talked rarely to her but she is happy.
Mr. Lanister used to take good care of her when she was little and he still does. He takes her every Sunday to those simple white rooms with a lot of light, but no windows. Anne loved it there. She had a lot of fun: there were colouring books and stuffed toys only for herself and only two people wearing white would come and ask her some questions about her father and her family.  She t...h....ought that those questiones were quite silly. Sometimes she wondered why those doctors asked such nonsense; there was nothing wrong with her family. Her father was outside waiting to take her to HER room. Her mother ..has........... left when she was five but that was fine since it .......had...... happened a while ago and she barely remembers her. She had no sisters or brothers but she never wanted to have one.
After those moment in the white room, her father takes is takingher to her room. He isusually asks askingher to dress up with a white plain dress and a really uncomfortable jacket. Then he takes is takingher to the big garden in front of the big house they were living. The jacket was so tight she couldnít move her arms but it was fine. She trusted her father. They usually just walk....s.. around the house and Mr. Lanister looks at the birds while Anne sits is sittingnext to a tree. She sometimes tought that her father wasnít actually looking at the bird, he was watching her every movement and every times she moves even a single step he getís is gettingcloser.
Anne likes her life. Although she find her house too big, that white room a little bit weird and the people wearing only white ( even her father in the last years wore only white) just a little bit awfull, she liked it here. As long as she spent time with his father and she did what she liked, Anne was happy. Yes, she was very happy. She hopes her life could be like this forever and ever and ever.

Poor Anne! Little did she knows that the life she loves is not what it seemed to be. That big house she lives in is actually a asylum for children with mental problems. That white room she loves is actually the place were doctors run test...s.. on her to see if anything improved in the previous week and those people in white were, in fact, doctors that wanted to see if she is still insane. As for her father, well, there is no father. Anne lost her parants in an accident when she was five years old, as well as her newborn sister. The man that spen[u]d[/uspent] time with her was just another doctor that Anne was really attached to. He is the one that helps her go from the test room to her own ( which was more of a cell than a room) and dressed her with a straitjacket. Anything that was described in here was, in fact, the way  Anne saw everything: the way she wants her life to be. She will never recover, nor will she ever see her real family again. But she is happy in her little cell, with her fake father. After all, she is just insane, nothing that she should worry about.

nu e bine sa pendulezi intre timpul trecut si prezent pentru a povesti - fii consecventa

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I love the plot twist and the way you turned the "crazy" person into a normal child, but I would have loved to see some parts of that insane behavior slipping through the normality of her life. Great work, I loved it!



God! This was amazing honestly! The whole idea itís just so good and sad and it really makes me emotional! Honestly I loved it! I think it would have been better if you didnít explain everything so detailed in the end, I think it wouldíve hit differently if you wouldíve just added small hints from her point of view. Keep up the good work!! I love you


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