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An unusual person

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I was stayinghanging out with my friends outside when I realised that it was too late and, because of this, I decided to go home. The moon was like a bright disk and the sky was very dark. In a few minutes it started to rain thatso I began to run. I entered the house then I went to my room.[] I was home alone because my parents were at a wedding.[uneste propozitiile] I went in the living room then I found a good movie. Suddenly I noticed that someone was at the gate of my house and I approached the window to see if the unusual person was someone that I knew but he wasn't. After a few minutes  I saw that the person tried to open the gate. I was sure that my parents wouldn't answer me if I called them but I found an other solution. I turned on all the lights in the house then I looked out the window and the person disappeared. I thought that my idea was great. I returned to my comfortable sofa. Next day I woke up then I prepared the breakfast and  I turned off the lights because they ......... stayed lit on all night. My parents were in their room and I was bored and I went in the garden to soak water the flowers even if the rain  had already done its job then I went to the swing to relax myself because  the air was fresh and I could admire the nature and the birds that were chirping. Out of the blue, I heard a strange noise made by someone and I went to the gate to see what ...........had happened. The unusual person ........... came had come back. His clothes were clean  and in that moment  I thought that he was not a dangerous person. I opened the gate then I asked him why he always stay........  stands in front of our house then he told me that  was scared and he wanted money and a place where to sleep because his parents ........... had kicked him out of the house. He also told me that we were neighbors of course before ......... being kicked out. That was the reason why he stayed in front of the gate. I talked with my parents and they have had accepted to receive to put him upfor a short period of time.
We also found some ideas  and my parents talked with his parents  and fortunately everything has become became normal. In conclusion I want to say that at first glance I thought that he was an unusual  and strange person but  I realised that he wasn't. We became good friends and we meet everyday and of course if one of us has a problem we support ourselves each other.

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This is a very nice story, I really hope this actually happened in real life, cause it would surely be a generous and kind act. I appreciate the fact that you used some descriptive words to make your writing better. An important piece of advice I could give you is to try and make your phrases shorter, because it gets really hard to follow the thread of the story. Also, try and structurate your work into paragraphs and use commas, so that it all looks nice and carefully done. Aside from that, I think you have good potential, read more (and I mean everything from news to books), watch stuff in English, cause these things help us all learn new words for our homework. Keep up the good work!



Your essay is amazing!! I like it very much. You used many details which made the story great. I think that the lesson is that appearances are deceiving and you could find a wonderful person in someone you find weird or unusual. I like the act your family did to receive him and o talk with his parents.



Beautiful story and very touching! No one should judge a book by its cover. I am so glad it also ended happily and you two ended up friends.



Your story is very nice! I don 't know if this story is just fiction or it s inspired by real life. Nowadays, The lesson is good for ourselves , for the entire world who judge everything.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » An unusual person