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Should parents pay their children for school results

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A children is like a wild animal, if you  donít tame that animal it will later bite you, but even if you tame it really well  may still bite you Ė best analogy ever
Children are wonderful creatures,you will always smile when your child will come... home with a 10 at the hardest class in school and always get mad when he/she came home smelling like a tobacco factory.The answer is , should we repay them for good behavior with money or let them live freely and do all the bad stuff like we did ?
First things first how much is enough to buy your children ? What are you teaching your children if they will expect that for all the things they do to be rewarded or not , will they have their own personality anymore ? Their actions will not be truly theirs , just the deep desire to be payed after everything they do , everything about them will just be a big lie .
Second things second , thatís not how life works .I can imagine how they would react after they are trying to get a job and theyíll have all the requirements , but still he/she isnít chosed based on some non important generic facts . Theyíre whole world will be crushed , theyíre payment for all the hard work will never come and theyíll come up as loosers , all because of your bad parenting.
Admittedly, ...............
Anyway , you canít always predict that those children will be as I said , bcs this is not a science and I canít be always right , but based on statistics and sociologi , many of those children have a higher chance of lack of perseverance and overall lower stands in every aspect of their life

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I really like your idea about that. I think that in general you're right. Though I don't agree with "Their actions will not be truly theirs" part.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Should parents pay their children for school results