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Describe a pretty apartament!

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For me, a beautiful apartment is one where it is clean and it does not matter if things in the room are old-fashioned or new fashion. Everything is great when you come in with white socks and go out with them still white. However, the most beautiful apartment I have ever seen is my godmothers, which is located 1 km away from Palas. Being in a favorable area, the apartment has 4 rooms with a kitchen and 2 bathrooms, is a spacious place. All the members of my family can fit comfortably in her apartment . When I go to visit I always stay in Amelia's room, my best friend and my cousin where I sit on a fur carpet talking for hours. America's room has a large window and a view to the neighbours house where a good friend lives.
  The apartment has evan a comfy balcony full of colorfull flowers. My mom loves the most the yellow orchids since it makes her think of happy things, but I prefer blue orchids, they seem more charming.  What I love is that the apartment has two large bathrooms. I prefer the bathroom in the corridor because there is a large round shaped tub it is like a jacuzzi, although it is not. In that bathroom the furniture is not tall, it is for the smallest ones, so that they can reach the mirror just like us. I like that Janina's apartment has a spacious balcony, where it are usually holds its some jam jars, but also pickles that are very tasty.
   I wish to live in a similar place !

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I liked your composition because, well, the basic idea was good. However, I believe you should have described it more. Other than how spacious the apartment is and how awesome the bathrooms are, we know almost nothing when it comes to its appearance. I think you could have focused on the 4 rooms more ( unless the jacuzzi-like tub and the balcony used for storage were the only remarkable aspects). A minor problem were the character names that popped up without an explanation. I realized after rereading the text that Janina is the godmother, but Amelia and America are still pretty unclear. It is a good piece of writing, but it could use some improvements. Good job!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe a pretty apartament!