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Describe a beautiful village

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For me, a beautiful village it is a place where you feel like home . It is a village near the ocean , with palm trees and tropical fruits . In this village I have a pretty home construct... by bambus. Above me live a monkey with her family , daddy monkey and 2 kids.
  In the morning , Cita is making wind with a palm leafe for me. This is the perfect start of the day.
  This village is situated on an island in the Pacific ocean , far from the crowded city.... and pollution.
   We are in total 200 people here. The village  is made up of mainly wooden houses and unpaved streets . Here we promote nature , not technology , but we have a very good signal and communicate fastly with other people .
    The climate is favorable , the are 2 warm seasons , it rain,........  moderately and the sun ...... never missing . Here .......... is no winter , we can always ...... tan.... and we can practice surfing .
   ....... Sounds strange , but in this village we have some super markets  , from there we buy any food we want , not just what the island offers.
     We are near Hawaii and 2 months a year working there in tourism for money for the rest of the year ! Here we have everything we want : peace , money , family , friends , sea , mountain.
      Because we have it all in one place , this village is the most beautiful place I could talk !!! ❤☉

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The place you're describing sounds extraordinary, I really want to know where it is (especially because you said it isn't polluted)!! I'm sure you tried to imagine the most beautiful place ever existing, something like a garden of Eden for humans. However, I noticed the mistakes that teacher had already marked and I strongly reccomend you to ask him about them and understand what was wrong, cause that's a great way to learn. I appreciate the fact that you gave details about quite every detail about this place you thought about. However, it would've been nice if you had used diverse words to make your writing better. Wish you a nice day :)



Wow, I laughed reading your composition. However, the place you described seems to be a village on a dream island. I would really like to live in a place like this. You had a very good idea. Nice!  :crazyfun:  :love:



Wow! Your description is nice. I think that doesn't exist an island like this but you caught my attention with the way you described that beautiful place. It is an original and creative idea. I have never heard anything like what you wrote.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Describe a beautiful village