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Unusual or crazy person. You decide

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Have you ever met a genius? Geniuses are always believed to be crazy, but most of us have this idea from books or movies. Thatís why I thought it would be a great idea to show you a little bit of maybe the craziest man I have ever heard of, but, at the same time, one of the most brilliant people that have ever existed.
Itís 3 in the morning. Nikola wakes up, well, he gets up from bed, Ďcause he didnít really sleep tonight last night. He doesnít really sleep at all, but he doesnít think of it as a problem. Itís more of an advantage for him, since he gets more time to do the thing he likes the most Ė work. He loved physics since he was a little boy back in Serbia.
He goes outside for a breath of fresh air. After he circles around his house three times (he always does that), he enters and goes straight to the bathroom to disinfect his hands. He thinks about the fact that he has lived alone for so long Ė what a pleasure, not having to touch somebody else! All those bacteriaÖ He then precisely cooks a little meal for breakfast and prepares all the 18 tissues he needs every time he eats something. Calculating the volume of the food is an indispensable habit: he does not eat a single bite without knowing exactly the volume of it.
The day usually goes the same way, everyday. You might think Nikola would get bored, but someone who has his talents cannot get in such state. He reads Ė and naturally memorizes entirely Ė some book at noon, then focuses on his scientific research: he builds the machines he sees in front of his eyes without even making the simplest drawing of it. Itís called synesthesia, a rare condition that blackens many peopleís lives. Not Nikola. He is, like many of his coevals, considered to be a maniac that wants to control the world. In fact, many people tried to deny his fate. His father, who didnít want him to study, Thomas Edison, who, afraid of his brilliance, fooled him into working without any payment, everyone.
He never seems to be thinking about these facts. I donít know about you, but when I found out all these this information, I didnít think of him as a crazy science man we see in the movies. I thought of him as an optimistic, happy person. Why? Because he did what he loved, how he felt to, until the day of his death.  Now, would you think he is was crazy because of that? I donít think so.

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Wow, I wish I had some of his talents! I find the story quite interesting since I've seen some crazy yet genius people in my life.
The story was well written and kind of funny at some point because (and hat is only happening because I am a weird creature) it remembered me of an old tradition we are doing at easter when we have to go around the church three times. I know it sounds weird but that is what it reminded me of. Anyway, grat story, I loved it!



if he doesn't appear crazy, only unusual
while i do like the way you wrote about him,
why bother talking about him as if he was indeed nuts?



It's curious how, depending on the perspective, someone can seem crazy or just completely dedicated to his work. After all, there is a small line between genius and crazy, exactly as you said. If we look back at all the great people, they needed to have this insanely courage and so many people called them names because of that. It's just how society works.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Unusual or crazy person. You decide