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Blue Eyes (Describe an Unusual Person)

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I still remember that book. Every passage, every exchange of replyies… Nevertheless, one day, everything will fade away, lost in foretime’s mist and never come back to me, unless I’lld read it again. But there is something I won’t ever forget from that book. Better said, someone. Her. Renesmee Hart. Alias “Blue Eyes”. And her eyes are brown.
     Then why is she called “Blue Eyes”, you may ask. Well, because brown is the color of the earth , and And blue is the color of the sky. [uneste propozitiile astea] And she loves the sky. She’s a flying dove on the ethereal blue, flying higher and higher, through the milky clouds and then above, through the icy air and then higher, ‘till the unbreathable. She’s searching for “Home”.
     She do...es..n’t want to be captive here anymore. With all this these corrupted people, in this corrupted society from in this corrupted world. All she wants is to fly…But she’s stuck on the ground. And when she’s asking asks why, she is hearing hears no sound.
     Does she cry? No. She never gives up. She has the strongest heart, that you could ever know.
Because she knows that her wings are not broken yet. And if they were, so what? A little bit of glue and swath, and they’re already new, no clue.

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I liked your composition a lot. Mostly because this character appeals to me somehow, but also the way you chose to tell her story is enticing. However, I think you should have described her physical and psychological traits more, so it would be clearer what her motivation is, why she is unusual. Despite that, it is a wonderful read, especially the ending.



I like the way she is described: "flying dove ethereal blue" & "she has the strongest heart".
There was a moment in our lives in which we all wanted to fly, but maybe not everyone can find their wings anymore. And what's worse than living in a corrupted world is realizing just how corrupt each and one of us is, including ourselves



I really like your post, you described the girl in a very nice way. But I think that in the beginning you could have started with a bit more information such as the name of the book, the author and things like these because it can be a bit confusing at first for the reader when you just jump straight into the topic.



I would really wanted to know the name of the book!!
Renesmee Hart should inspire us to always keep trying
Maybe, if we are more romantic spirits, we should definetely try to change the world, not necessarely to fly away because that would only 'save' us
Nevertheless, I like how she's a true dreamer! How she thinks about the sky, about HER home



The text was good, abstract and also simple! *and that is good*
The title sounds like a Billie Eilish song and that is kind of cool.
My grade for you is 9.6/10.



Very poetic, very developed character although you used little words, very well structured. I loved the little descriptive touch and the retorical questions. You followed the assignment perfectly and I believe you deserve a good grade for that ;)) But anyways this character reminds me of someone I know and admire although a bit odd. It gave me a feeling of loneliness and uniqueness and I genuinely like that about it.



I loved the description. The way you described her is like a heavenly creature being trapped in a human body. Her desire to escape this world is burning deep inside of her and she is unique in various ways. You really pushed me to think about how she lives her life, suffering or being pressured to live here with us.



The way you described this character reflects your admiration for her. I like that you turned her into a little deity. I hope you learned from her more and more hope to apply what you learned from her. The fact that she doesn't give up shows that she has a great strength and a desire for adventure. :)



I like the way I described this person. He seems to have a lot of personality and courage. Although I expect the name of the books to be "blue eyes" I think it would sound more like "daughter of heaven" anyway  I really want to know what the name is called. :question:


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