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Describe how some people dress

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People are different and this is the reason why the world is so beautiful , beacause it's different . We think differently , act differently , have different personalities , we behave differently and ..... we dress different...... .
The last one it seems less important , .........[conjunctie] .... is not so .
  The way you dress is a business card for you . Fashion style says a lot about your character and so an unknown can find out what  kind of person you are.
For me , in general I like the elegant style in warm colours , neutrals and non-colors.
  Not long ago I wiewed a documentary totally changed my opinion  about how clothes influence our image in the society .
We are talking about an social experiment realised in a european country . They took a homeless man and they put him in two situations . The first one left him as they found , unkempt clothes dressed broken and dirty and told him to get into a fancy restaurant to  have lunch . The man came and sit quiet and polite to the table. When he opened the menu 3 waiters and the manager came in and pulled out without any explanations . The next day the same man have it neat , trimmed and shaved , parfumed him and dressed him with am extrem...ly expensive suit . They made him look like a gentleman and sent him to the same restaurant .
  When he opened the door two waiters  greeted him and led him to the table .
  There he was given the menu and was served with a complimentary speciality . They all were extremly helpful with that man .
  After he finished his lunch , all team of the social experiment went into restaurant . They explained to all what it is about.
   The waiters have felt guilty and all came to the conclusion that not the coat shows the character of a man .
    This made me realize how important can be clothes at the first impressions !

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I love this kind of documentaries; they really make us question a lot of thinks that we previously might have thought about our society. It is really sad to see how people might be treated better for the way they are dressed, or their wealth, but at the same time, it makes you think: would you have treated any better that homeless man?



Clothes are not so important, people should never be judge by what they are wearing. A piece of fabric is never going to define you as a person, and it's definitely not going to make you better!



You are right. Our outfit is very important when it comes to be accepted by the society. First of all, a well-dressed man inspires respect and confidence. Meanwhile, if he dresses like a homeless person, he will be discriminated, because it's well-known that clothing is a way of non-verbal communication, too. Although, people shouldn't be wearing clothes they don't feel comfortable with. Yeah, they are very important at the first impression, but like people say, you meet by clothes and see off by mind.



in our days the clothes are very important, sadly. Some people are treated like they are trash because of the clothes that they are wearing. It is not ok. A person should wear something  compatible or how he won't not what the society wants



I believe that feelings should not be in a count for here, because if it was a prestigious restaurant and a homeless man entered the building the other customers would not feel comfortable with him being around, you never know what diseases he might be carrying or what he will do, again we should not judge him just by the way he looks maybe he had no ill intent but still. It is not the waiters' fault for getting him out, they we're only doing what was right for the restaurant. Clothes are important because they show if you are serious from this point of view or if you are careless and just throw something on in the morning.  We are psychologically attracted to good looking people before we are attracted to the people who have a nice personality. But your argument was very well pointed and I liked the example you used.



I agree with you 100%. It isn't right that they threw the man out, they could have made some money and not only that they could have even made a better reputation for their restaurant. They also could've lightened the mood with kindness but some people just don't do that...and it is sad.



Clothes are very important in our days.fashion style is very important for every person because it can be like a business card. Although saying that you could get to know someone just by the way they dress is a bit of an exaggeration.



The fashion style has evolved a lot these days. And now people are no longer required to wear a certain dress. It is obvious that the clothes define your personality in a way because they are your choice.But it isn't necessary to jump to conclusions when seeing a person's clothes, you can not judge someone harshly, because you do not know and do not know what her situation is. If someone can't afford the latest trends they shouldn't play it.


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