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Minor corporal punishment

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Throughout modern history, people have constantly asked themselves: what is the best way to bring up our children? what should we teach them? and very importantly: should we resort to corporal punishment with them?
I think that minor corporal punishments, when it comes to ones own children of course, should be accepted, since it might serve your childís education.When it comes to kids, especially this young generation, they might not be very well-behaved or respectful to their parents and other people around, and so maybe it wouldn't do any harm if you were a little aggressive towards them sometimes, if that is the only way they are going to understand.
It's undoubtedly very tricky to figure out what is the good way to raise your children. Initially, when the child is little naughty, maybe it wouldnít hurt if you would hit their hand a little whenever they are trying to do something harmful, like reach for the electric socket or sharp objects, just so that they can remember that itís a bad thing to do that. Later on, you can use minor corporal punishment when they are not listening to you or being disrespectful, just enough to let them know that they should listen to you and take you seriously
However, you should not abuse this, since it might make your child be afraid of you, or even become traumatized; it is okay to pull their hand from time to time when it seems that there is no other way they are going to listen, but it has never been and it will never be okay to beat your child.
In conclusion I think that it is very difficult to figure out what the best thing to do really is. We should find a way to impose ourself in front of our kids without beeing too aggressive, and figure out how to be both their friend and the person they are supposed o listen to. (and this is ore of the reasons I find it notably hard to be a parent)

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Wow you are the first person who said that is ok to punish your child in this way. I don't even know if I agree what you just said or not . Sometimes kids need this type of punishment because they need to learn what is good and what isn't. But isn't there a middle way (you don't hit him/her and he/she understand what you want to say)? :question:



In my opinion, your ideas are nice and I agree with you. It is good to use corporal punishment for your kid just when he is small. Even it is not ok and you can traumatize him, it may be the only way you can make him to be more respectful. Honestly, I donít know if it is better to beat your kid or to talk with him in a peaceful way. It is a hard question.



I have to say that I can not be perfectly in agreement with you because, as a person who has never received such treatment, I think there are other methods that can make a child listen to you. Yes, maybe if you hit his hand hand you can not traumatize a child but with a lot of patience you can make a child understand what he need to do and what not without beat him

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I think that minor corporal punishment are benefic to a child because it helps them realise that they need to respect their parents. Sometimes the kids don't respond to this kind of punishment and that requires another type of punishment. So the corporal punishment is good, but only done properly.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Minor corporal punishment