In My opinion, a beautiful village is a place where you can spend your night in more peace as compared to sound proof rooms of cities, enjoy the real taste of veggies, fruits.
It gaves The peace of motherís slap. The sunrises, animals in The evening, farmers working and then the sound of birds chirping, The wind which blow.... in The morning, it just seems someone is walking you up so gently, in night, this wind make you sleep with ultimate care.
This type of village is situated on the top of ..... The climate there is always pleasant. It is a perfect paradise of beautiful things. Near is a river which is playing like a music. ...... Is a good source of Water for The villagers. ...... Villagers are friendly and helpful also. They are willing to offer mutual help in any case and always get on with one another harmoniously.
Todayís there villagers drink itís water directly and use water for cooking and catching fish from it.
High trees are also beautiful and important. It offer... you a freshly air.
This is a beautiful village in My vision😊

ar fi trebuit sa descrii mai multe: casele, drumurile etc

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