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A festival

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''Please mom can I go? I told you how important this is for me and all my friends are going. I'd have a great time and I promise I'l...... call you everyday. You'll know exactly what I'm doing.''
            ''Oh my Gog, Noora. I'll say yes just because I am tired of your annoying voice. You can go to Neversea with one condition: you are staying at aunt Mary...... .''
             That was one of the best days of my life. Not because my mother let me go to Neveresea but because I realised that she really trust....... me. In case you didn't know, Neversea is a festival that takes place on the beach. Lots of singers are coming ( last year even Dua Lipa came). I went to Constanta with my friend Angela with the train. We were so excited  and I was absolutely convinced that my aunt will love her. Everyone loves Angela especially for her laugh and positive energy. We arrived at 6am at my aunt's house. We catched up with her and ate some breakfast real quick and then we went to bed. We ere exhausted, ..............[conjunctie] we couldn't sleep at all in the train and we needed energy for the night that had to come. We woke up at 1 pm and then we get out to meet with some friends. I know that city like my hometown because me and my family went there every summer. They were so happy because I was constantly smiling and enjoying the moment. The sea and the oceans are my favourite places on this entired planet.
             Moving on...after a couple of hours me and Angela went back home to get ready. We created really cute outfits and our makeup and hairstyle were bomb. Of course we took tons of picture........ while we were there. We met with our friends again  and we had the best time of our lives. We sang together and danced, we got temporary tattoos and we even had the chance to met some famous singers. I was living the best moments of my life.  Those days I forgot about the bad things that had happened and about drama. I was feeling epic. At Neversea there were all kinds of people (even drug dealers). I remember that at some point ( I think the second day ) this guy came to us and asked us if we don't want...... some ''candies''. He was so high and his eyes were red like a tomato. We said no and moved away because we were a little bit scared. Despite that, the we had an amazing time. And we also met there vloggers like Selly, Irina Deaconescu and Mimi. I'll admit they are not my favourites but Angela has a crush on them all so I had to be by her side.
             But, like every other good thing, it had to end. We hugged my aunt before we left and said to her ''may we meet again''( this is a sentence from her favourite show ''The 100''). When I arrived home my family welcomed me with pancakes and flowers.  They were so cute and I literally jumped in their arms. I told them everything and I know they were happy because I was happy. I honestly can't wait for this year's Neversea.

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That is literally amaziiing, now I am sad because I realized that summer is gone. This kind of moments are the one you will never forget and I am really happy for you that everything was good and in the end, it was an amazing and an irreplaceable experience.



Just like Galapagos wrote before me, yep, despite the happy moments you wrote about here, this makes me a little too sad that summer's gone, because I finally got to enjoy it this year. :(  But it obviously isn't your fault. I'm really happy that you lived such joyful moments with your friends!!
I also appreciate that you gave all the necessary details, so that your essay is truly complete. I liked the introduction, too. :)


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