Sometimes, kids do bad things like: they break things, they steal from parents or they donít listen to parentsí advice. From my point of view, minor corporal punishment is good for one's...... own child.
                   First of all, parents are the people who know their children verry well. When they are minors, their parents must be aggressive in some situations, because they love them and they want what is best for their life. Then, the law says that the parents or other legal guardian.s... are the only people who can beat their children when they need it. In family, violence must not ]be taken to extreme, like  smacking their head against a wall, slapping the child with an open hand is more than enough. If children are beaten.... too much, they can be afraid of their parents. The purpose of beating is to wake up to reality and not to repeat the mistake.
                  Second of all, .parents punish their children, because they had the same treatment in their childhood. They learned that the ideea of physical punishment is a normal thing..It's hard to quit some habits..................
                On the other hand, corporal punishment can produce depression, anxiety, anti-social behavior and it makes them live with fear for life. In many cultures, parents are educated to punish their children with mental punishment. Apparently, it is less painful physical punishment.
                 In conclusion, minor corporal punishment is .acceptable for one's... own children, but it must have a limit.

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