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family reunion

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Family reunions are one of the most beautiful activities that you can plan and spend time arranging. In my case, I look forward to the day when I know there is gonna be another family reunion, because I think they are some of the most special days of my life, spending quality time and being grateful having my family with me.
            Last summer, from my point of view, was the most beautiful reunion ever. Ten years ago things were very different because my uncle was brought over to France by the family he worked for, and he stayed there for quite a long period. Last year, in summer, he came back and he had the opportunity to meet his biological family for the first time. 30 years ago my uncle was born and at three months old his mom had to leave him at an orphanage for medical care, but then my uncle was adopted by a family.
           One day, he received a message from a friend out of the blue stating that someone was looking for him, saying that is about to meet his mom and his siblings for the first time. We have waited 2 hours before the plane arrived, thinking about how they would look like and what kind of person they are and how much would his mother and his siblings resemble him. By the moment we had seen the plane landing, all of us began to feel the strong emotions that made us tremble but in the end, it was an unforgettable moment and everything was fine.
          Even if this reunion made me cry and broke my heart so bad, it was a very special moment for our family and that's why I think family reunions are one of the most beautiful things because you never know who might be stumbled into.

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wow, that is definitely something unusual, but I really appreciate the way you talk about family and its importance, with such strong emotion and evidently moved by this experience. This really ads to the realism of the story.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » family reunion