I remember that one of the best teachers I've ever had was my math teacher. He was a really funny and friendly person. He always tried to explain to us what we didn't understand. Like every teacher, he was upset when we didn't do our homework or didn't know the lessons but he always tried to help us when we couldn't do something. He is short, plump, he has blue eyes and brown hair. When I met him for the first time I was in the 5th grade and he seemed to be an understanding person. After a while, I realized that he was a nice teacher and we could be good friends with him. In the 6th grade, he became our class master.
          He was a very good math teacher and an extraordinary class master. He always told us that we could do anything if we work hard. In the 8th grade, he did everything he could for us, because he wanted to see good grades at the exam.
          Those who wanted to remain in CNME were successful because of him. Nowadays when I meet him I always think that I had the best teacher.

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