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Parents, kids and motivation

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Should parents pay children for school results or not?

Motivation is one of the qualities that people always coveted because it leads us to great results, so to success. Success is one of the essentials of life because, even at a low level, a person has the need to be appreciated, accepted, and to receive rewards for their work. Most of us find the source of our thanks from our remunerate money. We all agree that even children need something to motivate them in school. Rewards children as a result of their efforts for  school should be spiritual satisfaction and good results, but many parents use different tricks to get their children to have the best results at school. Some of them even get more pocket money to entice their children. My question in this case is: Is this mode of parent-child behavior healthy? Can it bring benefits to the child's evolution money? Or is it just giving him a moment's motivation? The views are divided, and perhaps this problem will remain unsolved for some time. However, I feel that a child's motivation should come from within, and not from material benefits, because they outline a future superficial society.
First of all, it is important for a child to be aware that the work he is currently taking in school is for his own benefit. The fact that parents give money to children makes them want better results for their parents and not necessarily for themselves. Parents should gradually explain to their children from primary school that they do not work for their parents, but for their future, their own progress, to discover themselves and the surrounding world. For example, a child who is accustomed to always following the wishes of his parents at some point may lose himself because he does not have the chance to truly discover himself.
Secondly, starting with the age at which children can understand what money means, parents should teach their value. Otherwise, they will always expect to receive a reward for what they do, and in life not everything is contracted. We live in a world of money, but turning the need for money into obsession is a decay of the human being.
It is true that it is much easier to motivate your own child with material benefits (whether we are talking about simple rewards like sweets or toys or talking about money), but that is not the only solution. A well-educated child is a child who knows the value of money and the role of school in his life.
In conclusion, I do not support parents who offer money or any other kind of reward to the children because I think this keeps the child far from the actual meaning of education and turns them into superficial young people.
My hope for the future is that the parents of today's society are more careful in educating their children, to give them enough attention and - perhaps the most important thing - to teach them the true values of life.

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I agree with your opinion about parents rewards  given to motivate their children and I really like the arguments. It does not seem right for a child to be rewarded with money because what he is doing at school  provides a better future, and the motivation of money, even if it gives results at he first moment , would later become an obsession. A child must be aware that what he does is for him, regardless of whether parents will decide or not to reward him that way. I think there are other better ways to motivate a child (and I donít refer to material goods).


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Parents, kids and motivation