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Describe Some People Dressed

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I think I must talk in this topic about me. I am that type of person who likes to have a noncomformist dressed. For instance, I like to wear yeallow clothes. Miruna,My friend sais me that this color means The fact that I am a jealous person, but ............ isn t true. I am very patient with a beautiful persoanality, a person who likes to Interact very much with people. My nails are in every time ............ with different colours, especially purple and Pink.
Pink is the colour of love, the most romantic colour.
Purple is The colour of paranormal. I m not paranormal, Even if i m a Little bit agitated.
I often wear The skirt, but usually I wear jeans with shirt.
My mum sais that at school ............ must wear an elegant uniform because this is a form of respect in these days.
All in all, I think I am a colourfull person with a colourfull mind😻

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!!!!!!!!!       I was talking about flowers , not about clothes when I said this    !!!!!!!!!!!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Describe Some People Dressed