The Internet became ,in the last years, the most used source of information,communication and of leisure. Mostly,I use ...... to speak with the persons and ,also, I spend a lot of time on facebook or instagram to see what are doing my friends. Lately,I ........ aware of how boring is my life when I loose my time scroll..... the new posts . I realise that I focus my attention of apps and I become addicted. In fact, the most of teenages are addicted.I try to find solutions for me ,but, ...... the same time,to analyse the behavior of others persons.
For example, I saw the cas.... of a girl of a similar age like me ,who are a totally different  and negative behavior . This person expose... her life in online ,it s in the position  of a victim , of a depressed person with depressed post.... about family or her boyfriend lost and absolutely,all kinds of strange contente. She s the model of  manipulated person who spend.... all her time online ,forgetting the real relations around her.  I'm asking myself what will happen when she will realize... all the mistakes (if that's will be possible someday) Probably, she rest a victim of bullying  and she s the biggest problem .
that s just an example,but let's think about how many cases exist?
Maybe, more than half of ...... people are in this situation of a victim who do...n't focus their attention of the importants things jn the real life.
We need to learn to take care with the online environement without expose us too much.
The world continue.... to change ,but I hope the change is good..or the best version of us.

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