-------------->There's a lot to say about Maria Sharp. She's intelligent and spontaneous. Of course she's also sweet, efficient and open. Her intelligence though, this is what she's pretty much loved for.  Oftentimes she's generous and flexible. Of course she's also responsive, upright and gracious, but in smaller doses people will count on this and her contemplative nature whenever they need cheering up. Her generosity though, this is what she's often adored for. People often count on this and her clear-headedness whenever they need assistance or help. On top of that she's also organized, balanced and humorous, but far less strongly. But NeverthelessI have to warn you she’s very deceitful. How much you ask, well let me tell you this: 
Nobody's perfect of course and Katie has rotten moods and days too. At least that’s what you expect me to say.  But for god’s sake she’s perfect. It would be easier to find the needle in a haystack, no, in a forest, than a defect.  At least that’s what she pretends she is. However, few know the true Maria Sharp.  Her slyness and dominating nature aren't exactly fun to deal with even at the best of times. 
                    A lot can be assumed when you first see the real Maria Sharp, but two things you should never forget that she's mean and she’s capable of walking on corpse in order to obtain what she wants. Her mean attitude is compounded by the fact that she’s arrogant as well. But the fact she's ignorant and sadistic is just the tip of the iceberg. Let alone the fact she's also callous and extreme. There's a great deal of pain left on all sides because of this and her criminal nature, which plenty have been a witness to. To make it worst worseshe’s hostile and frightening. Let alone the fact he's also uncaring, venomous and troublesome.

                    I really don’t know what to do with her. She’s a real pain.

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