Dear diary, today I have a great story that I must tell you, so pay attention. One night, I was out with my friends, having fun. After a while, I realized that my phone was missing. I felt a hole in my stomach, then anger after realizing how stupid I must be to lose my own phone. That happened after I left the bus that I was in. Thank god my friend was with me and he told me that he ....... saw a gypsy stealing other people's stuff. That gypsy also left the bus and we managed to saw and start chasing him. He saw us running towards him, so he also start..... running. He entered through a gate that lead to his home, we guessed. After we arrived, an old man with a knife in his hand exits......... the house and came towards us. We got scared and start running. My friend called 7-8 friends and after 10 minutes, we had an army of 15 brave friends between 12 and 16 years old that ........... came to help us. We assaulted that kid's house and I got my phone back while the others were keeping the man and the kid busy. After that, I screamed that I ......... got my phone back and the whole hoard also screamed and we left the house. We continued screaming for 2 whole minutes, running like crazy on the streets, then we stopped in a safe place and we all left to our places. To this day I still laugh when I think about this weird night. I think this is what friends are made for, to be right beside you and never let you down.

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