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don't try making a story about drugs at parties (it wont work)

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Friendly Advice: donít do drugs kids.

This is all fiction calm down donít call the FBI, itís all safely researched on the internet.

Deeper into the forest, a path makes its way up the trees to reveal a mass of people moving in all directions. Music is at maximum volume, and bright lights are flashing everywhere. Ordered chaos, as they say, is what this is. And Iím caught in the middle of it, after the bartender thought it was a good idea to spike my drink.

Why is there a guy half-naked half naked dressed like an angel on a piano? Good question, but as soon as I spot him, he melts into the ground, and somebody starts playing the piano. I try to get closer, but as soon as it is within my grasp, my perception of reality gets altered. Everything pushes itself back for what seems like kilometers. People are still all around me, shouting and dancing. They seem to be doing some sort of incantation, because the flashing lights slowly dim, turning into an almost constant deep red. Is this hell?

Or is it just a hallucination? I try to move forward into the party, but the folk are having none of that. I keep getting pushed around, and through all the blurry faces I can spot ........a few people that I seem to know for some reason, but they appear as if their faces werehad been painted by some three year old that thought he was Picasso. I try to stop and recollect, but my concentration gets disrupted when I finally listen closely to the music. Itís not a pop song, itís not even rock, rather some weird instruments are playing on an almost silent background, and a man is whispering bizarre nothings into a microphone. Everything sounds weird. Everything looks weird. I take a deep breath and...

...I donít wake up when I open my eyes. Itís not a dream. Iím living in a nightmare. I try to hit the people that a second ago were pushing me, but they turn to dust, and, as if they were holograms, they come back to life again, unfazed. Giving up? Not an option. I try to find the exit. I see a one of those green neon signs and I practically run through the doors into the cold air of the night.

Thereís a girl on the sidewalk, slowly smoking a cigarette. I sit next to her. The music slows down, or Iím going insane, one of the two. She discretely smiles, and I nod, not saying a word. Itís peaceful out here, in the cold night of a California club.

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I told you I couldn't wait to read more from you and you didn't dissapoint me, what can I say? I really like this kind of stories in which you don't have deeper details about what happens exactly, who are the characters, or anything like that, but you get a lot of the feeling the writer, if we can call ourselves that, wanted to deliver. I honestly don't find anything bad about your writing, you really made the best out of the advice teacher gave you the last semester here. I think you'll get even better if you constantly exercise your skills, so don't ever stop your creativity. If you can write this good for a homework, then I'm extremely curious about what you can do out of your own passion. Wish you all the best :D


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » don't try making a story about drugs at parties (it wont work)