The first thing that popped up in my mind when I thought about wonderful things that happened to me lately was last summer. Of course, not the entire three months of summer, but the most exciting twelve days of it.
             It was a trip, the longest and most beautiful one Iíve ever been to.  Even now, after four months, I can still remember and recall the knot in my stomach, the excitement, the fear, the endless scenarios in my head repeating all over and over again. The night before it, the long awaited 23rd of  June, I couldnít sleep properly. I was just day-dreaming and thinking about all the possible weird things that could happen, but hours passed anyway and all my nervousness was replaced by some kind of fear, the fear of not knowing anyone, the fear of making a good impression, the fear of the unexpected.
             It took me about a day to make friends and talk to most of the people that were there. I met wonderful people that I couldnít meet otherwise with lots of similarities and differences between one and another, from the looks and personalities to small preferences such as food or a party playlist. Those almost two weeks were kind of intense. We would just go to bed at 2 oíclock in the morning only to get up at 6 and start all over again. Of course, the road to the destination was basically sleeping time and the only thing that could make us move and explore the cities was coffee, energy drinks or chocolate. I wonder how any of us didnít get sick from so much sugar and junk food. At night, we almost always stayed in talking, dancing, singing or watching The Simpsons while eating Oreo Ice Cream in pajamas under the blankets.
             Oh, and the cities we travelled to were just amazing. I love remembering the sunrise and the sunset in Scotland. Speaking of Scotland, it was  my favourite place of all: the sun that you could actually guess that you saw it in the middle of the day, the green of the fields, the peace of the surroundings, the almost too polite people. Edinburgh was just breath taking, especially the view from the castle and the seagulls that came to be photographed. The craziness and beauty of Amsterdam will always make me smile: the narrow old buildings, the channels, the bikes and all kinds of people: from stoners and old naked men that were riding their bicycles screaming to peaceful couples that were enjoying a cup of coffee and waffles in the morning.
            Anyway, there is too much to be said in an assignment and definitely I got carried away talking about that trip. The certain thing is that those couple of days from last summer were the most wonderful to me and I am sure I will never forget them.

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