People should not hang out with those who are poorer or richer

I think that the social posture is not as important as the soul. Your soul defines your personality. It's very important to be kind-hearted, to be good with people even when they don't treat you the same. When you judge a human because he's poor and doesn't have fashion clothes, if you are worried about your image just because you speak to a person who is not as lucky as you, you are the poor one.
Also, it is not good to want attention from a richer person just for your popularity or to take advantages. You don't have to wear a Gucci jacket, a L.V. bag or a Coco Channel perfume. Clothes are not the ones that show who you really are.
Everybody judges in these days, everybody is obsessed being popular, having 1000 likes, having many friends. And then, when they finish highschool, and remain alone, wondering what they wrong. Maybe that shy girl from the class who was always ignored by everyone had the same music tastes like you. But you were too busy with your popularity that existed just for a couple of years. That's why you should try to know the story that is behind a person, not judge her. You should see beyond appearances.

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