The candles were sparkling inside the lamps caught the sakura trees. The cherry blossom season has have passed, the trees were not anymore longer in bloom, the rosy flowers on the branches following to be replaced by the glowing fireworks on in the sky.  Everyone was preparing for The Sumida River Fireworks, the greatest hanabi in Tokyo.
The atmosphere was full of joy. People were walking on the crowded streets of Asakusa, many of them dressed in yukata. A part of them were siting at the table, sharing impressions about last year's hanabi, and about the preparations that were made for this year's fireworks festival. Others were entertaining themselves by playing games at one of the stalls, or by trying local cuisine at the food vendors lined ...down.... the street.
The diamonds in the sky were glowing, reflecting the moonlight. Then, suddenly, the whole sky .....was... colored in blue, pink, and in all the colors existing. And so, the black canvas of stars changed into a masterpiece of painters, as the rockets were lauced launced into the skies.
This was an enchanting experience for all the people who were present and they promised, inside theire hearts, that they will are going to return every single year from now.

prea scurt

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