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an outing with friends

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I can’t say I’m a wild or courageous person myself. I am scared of bugs, snakes, heights, water, small places… I have a lot of fears which stop me from doing a lot of things, but there was a time when I actually had the nerve to overcome some of them and enjoy life as it is.
It was a bright day of July. The sky was clear and the wind was slowly passing through the leaves. It seems that the universe encouraged us to make our small dreams come true. Me and my friends were in the bus terminal, waiting for a car to a nearby city. It just seemed so unreal, us travelling together for the first time.
We talked about our last months during the bus trip. This outing was a breath of fresh air for each one of us, ‘cause we were all having tough times at home. When we finally arrived, we went straight to the pizza place my friend Laura had been telling us about for years. Can’t lie, it really was the best pizza I ever ate.
Later, after having a lot of fun[prea vag] at the zoo and the adventure park in the city, we went to a campsite; we had decided we were going to spend the night in tents, outside, something totally new for me. As The more new and exciting ....... it seemed for the others, the scarier it was for me, what with all these animals out there… [linker] While the guys were setting up everything, me and Laura were taking care of the luggage. Sweat drops started to run down my forehead as I began to have delusions of bugs crawling into my tent, my food and I… I… fainted.
I woke up to the faces of my terrified friends almost taking me to the hospital. They totally freaked out, and I usually would’ve freaked out as well. Fortunately, instead of getting scared, I saw the thousands of stars looking at me, the clear sky, the moon shining… Me, laying lying in the grass, now careless, fearless…

God, that would've been such a great (kinda dramatic) way to overcome those fears that are eating me from inside.

great introduction

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Nice essay!1!!! We are all just big balls of fear, but we have to overcome them. I am really proud of you for trying to overcome yours, this gave me courage, and I bet others' too! I love the way you described the atmosphere, and @teacherovi was right, that "having a lot of fun" part was maybe too loosely. Keep up the good work!



Great work! We all have to learn how to overcome our fears. A brave person is not the one that has no fear, is the person who knows how to overcome it. That is why we should do little things that scare us, because this is the main recipe to overcome our fears.



A really good essay. I really like your writing style, also I like the idea that you tried to imply: that sometimes in order to outrun our fears and phobias we need to focus on the things that make us happy.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » an outing with friends