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Focus on material prosperity or soul fulfillment?

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A very common question that people confront with  is whether it is better to prioritise one's own material prosperity over spiritual fulfillment ?.
                    From my point of view, although it may seem a cliché, it is more important to take care of the fulfillment of our soul than our material prosperity because it doesn't matter how much money we have as long as we are not spiritually satisfied because money can't make us happy.
                    [muta paragraful asta dupa cel cu Secondly, dar sa inceapa cu Admittedly sau However; aici, fa un alt paragraf, care sa zica de e implinirea sufleteasca e mai importanta]Firstly, we can not deny the fact  that money are mportant in our lives because they ensures our everyday living and can give us beautiful moments if we use them to go to beautiful places and do what we like but money can brings us happiness only on .... short term. Money are ishard to do makebut very easy to lose, therefore, the happiness they brings us  is very unstable and insignificant beside the soul happiness that can last forever.
                    Secondly, maybe you ask what spiritual fulfillment is and how can we get it. Well  spiritual fulfillment is the state of constant happiness, the reconciliation with ourselves and our life, and the only way we can get it is to give importance to the things that really matter like family, friends and the beautiful moments spent with them. Relationships make us happy, and they can not be made with money, so we should not focus so much on our material situation, but we should try to live to the full, to be happy how much we can, to make a lot of relationship with people around us.
                    In conclusion, money are isnot as important as soul happiness[aaici trebuie sa adaugi rezumatul ideilor de mai sus], so we should focus more on soul fulfillment than on material prosperity.

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You're right about what you've said. Indeed, happiness should occupy a much more important place in our lives, instead of always thinking of material prosperity. Your arguments must be taken into account to give us a clearer idea of what actually matters for soul fulfillment.



Don't money give us a little bit of soul fulfillment? For example I like going in different places like the mountain or the sea, it doesn't matter, but that's what makes me happy, so how can  I do these things if I don't have money. if I want to participate at a marathon I need money whatever I want to do I need money. i think some people need money to do what they like... not a lot of money but a little bit to have to survive in this world :dontknow:



Hello! In my opinion, people who focus on soul fufillment than on material prosperity deserve to be appreciated. However, we need to have a realistic thinking. If we don't have money, it is impossible to pay debt, to pay for studies or to buy the necessary for a decent living. It is true that money brings happiness only for a short period, it is very important to know how to prioritize, it is better to use money only in what we really need. Without money, we could not have a normal future with decent conditions.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Focus on material prosperity or soul fulfillment?