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Describe a pretty apartment/house

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      The dream house exist. I think not all can live in the same environment, I think everyone has his own style and we don't have to judge if someone has a more nonconformist one. I have a friend who travels a lot and has things from all over the world. He decorated his apartment alone, he didn't ask for the help of an interior designer. The place looks great. The past days I visited him and I was surprised by the so pleasant atmosphere I found there.
       The salon, following a lobby door, is my favorite part. It's such a colorful and lively place. On the black floor is a red round carpet with a mandala pattern, which has many contours of white, black and blue. In the middle of the room there is a large beige couch where pillows in the colors of the rainbow are put in order, caught by the ceiling is a chandelier in golden and pink tones, with small violet stones hanging from the edges. In front of the sofa there is a small mass of solid wood, which at its feet has black flowers, on the table there is a white plate of water in which are placed several colored boats with a washed-up flower in the middle. There are a few smaller chairs that have a floral pattern. On both sides of the sofa there are two drawers with one drawer and there are several notebooks and books on top. Also, there is one TV on the wall. The others have more paintings with landscapes, animals and people dressed in vintage clothes.A room full of pots with large, beautiful flowers divides the kitchen. The latter is huge with all the necessities of a professional chef, the cabinets are made of steel, their durable figure is accompanied by a yellow color of the walls.
        There are two bathrooms in this apartment, both of which look the same. The whole wall is cherry sandstone and a single painting with a tribal mask. The difference is that one has a shower and the other one is a bathtub.
       The small halls I've found are full of pictures and travel photos. My favorite is one that illustrates a man in a abyss, if you look at him to the right man is at the edge, but if you look from the left man seems to throw himself. It's an effect that plays your mind.
      I love the bedroom of this home. It's a relatively large room that has enough space for you to dance every morning. There are 2 large windows that are covered with some beautiful green curtains. The bed is huge and has many pillows with different characters of disney movies, the blanket is blue. On a wall of the room is a giant board full of photographs, letters, tickets, stickers and lists. There are some white stools. Near the left window is a small door leading to dressing, full of clothes with all the patterns and colors, and even some costumes specific to some countries. On the right side of the bed there is a mini library that is organized quite interesting, above each shelf write something: books already read, books that I want to read, books I want to donate, books that I love and the last books that I hate.
      I like this apartment because I know it's done to be someone's home. And I know and describe perfectly the person who lives there and makes others want such a place.



You presented the whole picture of that apartment with so many details that you make me think I also went to visit your friend :) Like you've said, everyone has his own style and we don't have to judge anyone about his preferences. All you described seems extraordinary, but most of all, I like the mini library because I find the organization of it really wonderful.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Describe a pretty apartment/house