I wanna start by saying that money is power. But wait, money do.......n't bring happiness, you will say. Oh really? Then tell me, who is more happier, our English teacher that barely earns 2.000 lei a month (that means less that 500$) or that creature that makes between 100.000 and 500.000$ a year and he can afford ....... buying everything he wants? Who have the most money, have the most power. That's how it goes. You can't do shit without money. Having a lot more money than others gives you more options in life and more influence over others. Of course, if you are a dumb human being, then you can lose everything and end up on streets. That's why we don't have that much money, because we are dumb. We spend our money on the dumbest things in this world and we sometimes don't think about the consequences of our purchases. Some people gamble their life funds because they are dumb and of course they lose them all, because they are simply dumb. We don't value money. Some millionaires weren't born rich, they had to work hard for all that money. They manage to build theyr empires cherishing every single penny and not throw it away or spend it on useless things. This is why we are not me......nt to be rich and only regular people on this planet. I think I ...... said my point of view. That's just my opinion so don't be mad at me. We are humans with different brains and feeling and it would be boring to think the same and feel the same, right? See ya.

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