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Describe a beautiful village

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Şirnea village is said to be out of fairy tales. This is a village in Brasov, which is at the foot of Poarta Craiului Mountains.In 1960 it was declared the first tourist village in Romania.When you look at this place it sends you a feeling of happiness and pace of mind.
         It dominates the green color and there are very few cars that pollute the place.Where you look with your eyes,you see only hills and many forests that are with fir trees that never change color.Peasant houses are still preserved,but there are also some that have been refurbished and upgraded indoors.The peasant's court is very large, the fence representing only a few pieces of wood that surrounds the land, and in autumn the yellow fan captures the place.
            In this village there are many traditions and events that attract tourists, being both interesting and surprising.These would be: "Winter at Sirnea"; "Olympic Day"; "Sannisen night"; "The measure of milk and the village sons meeting" and especially "Sumedru's Fire".
            One of the special traditions is Sumedru's Fire. This usually takes place on the night of October 25th to 26th, the day of St. Dumitru, the day when the sheepfold unfold.There are flames on which children or young people jump to be healthy. The legends say that if there were plenty of quince and nuts in the year, winter will be tough.
             It is a gorgeous viilage full of mysteries and is worth visiting.



What a nice place! I like that you said that fact about being the first tourist village in Romania, I didn't know that. When I saw what events you describe I realized I want to visit and participate in them. I really liked your story!  :jumping:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe a beautiful village