I would like to start out by saying  that commenting on the way people dress is very subjective and opinion driven,but i will try my best to not be biased,even though i have pretty strong opinions on the subject's matter.I noticed that fashion has gone in a pretty steep changing patern over the years,being all about being flashy and standing out in the 70's and 80' but then the shyniness got toned down a bit by the mid 90's.And now,in 2019,the way most people dress can only be described as basic yet good looking.No problem in that, ......[linker] ....... seems like a pretty good norm. While there are some stupid trends that have risen up over the last few years,such as beat up,homeless style jeans that look horrible on anyone and oversi....ed sweaters,again starring that homeless vibe,i would say that those are still acceptable and don't stand out that much in most cases.

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