Every time I hear "' food court '' I'm thinking of unhealthy food such as KFC or McDonalds, but in the food court, there are many more types of food stores.
            The food court is an area in the shopping mall where fast food outlets are located. These places are common in most shopping malls and are generally the busiest. In general, there are several corridors and in the center, there are sofas and specially arranged places where you can sit down and eat, some of which have a place arranged on the exterior terraces. majority of people come to the malls just to eat in these places, because fast foods arecheaper than a restaurant but at the same time, most are even more unhealthy. If you come to a food court, you can find different types of food stores such as Indian specialty stores or Chinese food stores, fast food such as KFC, ice cream shops, sweets shops, and much more. That's why if you come to such places you can see different types of people depending on what they want to eat and how they behave in public. Some people choose to buy a salad, while others eat more servings two shaorma and something sweet, so you realize the type of life they tend to have, even if maybe it was their craving. Another place where you can see how people are in certain situations is when you stand in the queue for food, or when you order food you make the difference from seller to seller, some being nervous and hurrying, and some are nice and polite with you as they should all be. In these places, you can come with your friends and you can try a multitude of dishes that you probably do not even know existed. I also have many memories from the food court in a mall in the city where I live because every time I go there with my friends I feel good and we constantly laugh at ourselves . I realized that while I went to other countries,  in the food outlets there, the food is different with only a few grocery stores in common.
             These are the things that I've noticed during the days I went into the food courts but maybe the next time I get the chance to go to a food court, especially one in another country, I'll be more careful about the details.

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