I always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places. Then I realize that I can go anywhere and feel different, for example in a city you will feel a colder atmosphere and people will be more distant, but if you go to a village the situation is different, people know each other and are close. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go to a fabulous place in Mexico, Xico in Veracruz.
      Here is a small part of this place's history. In 1540 the franciscan evangelizers arrived and traced the new town of Xico a few kilometers from the old settlement and the colonial city began to form. Xico suffered centuries of isolation and its main contact with the rest of the world until the 20th century was the railroad to Xalapa. The first asphalt road, the road to Coatepec, was built in 1942. In 1956, Xico was elevated to a municipality and in 2011 it was declared a Magic Town to enhance the tourist use of its historical, architectural, culinary and spiritual heritage. Here the weather is warm and the temperature doesn't drop more than 10 degrees Celsius. The rainy season goes from june to november, although it can also rain in may and october and a little less in the remaining months.
     In the architectural landscape of Xico stand out the Plaza de los Portales, with her paved pavements and cozy colonial houses with arched portals, the Temple of Santa María Magdalena, the Capilla del Llanito, the Old Railway Station and the Old Bridge. Near are also some beautiful waterfalls. Xico has two gastronomic symbols that you can't miss in the Magic Town: the Xonequi and el Mole Xiqueño. The front of the church is accessed through a staircase of two dozen steps and has two twin towers and monumental domes that were added in the eighteenth century. The image of Santa María Magdalena, patron saint of the town, stands under the figure of the crucified Christ who presides over the main altar. Also, there are baroque windows and other beautiful religious sculptures preserved in the interior.
     Next to the church of Santa María Magdalena, in the so-called Patio de las Palomas, there is a building attached to the parish, which houses the curious and interesting Dress Museum. The sample contains more than 400 costumes that have been dressed by the patron saint throughout the existence of the church. As the available space is not very large, only part of the collection is on display. The vast majority of the costumes, splendidly embroidered and very elegant, have been given to St. Mary Magdalene by grateful faithful. Open from tuesday to sunday.
     The Texolo Waterfall is a stepped waterfall of 80 meters in length that has three viewpoints to admire the integrated stream to the beautiful landscape. In the place there are two bridges, one in use and another whose structure was doubled by a seismic movement. Rappel fans practice their exciting sport and if you want to reach the current, you must descend a ladder of 365 steps.
       A gastronomic emblem of the Magical Town of Veracruz is a local mole, prepared according to the recipe designed almost 40 years ago by Doña Carolina Suárez. This mole became so demanded, that the company Mole Xiqueño, founded for its production, already manufactures almost half a million kilos a year.
       The most beautiful month you can spend in this place is July. This whole month is a celebration, in honor of the patron saint, Santa María Magdalena. The processions begin on the first day of July, with the streets adorned with painted sawdust rugs and floral arrangements, amid the fireworks, music strolls, dances and all the other amusements of the Mexican fairs. Each year the Virgin opens a new suit, given by a local family and one of the festive events is "velar el vestido" during the nights of july at the house of the donors. Other traditions around the Magdalena festivities are the floral arches and the bullfighting spectacles, particularly the Xiqueñada.
       I honestly think this is a special place, not just for the landscapes it has or for his monuments, but for the energy it offers you. It's a magical place that makes you forget everything and get to a quiet, happiness, color and culture. People are very welcoming and friendly, which make you think you know them all your life.