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A great mistake

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Through the years, I had many colds, flues, diseases but I was above all. I still remember how hard was to get over it. It took me three weeks, but after that everything was fine. And all this starts from a little mistake.
I have been a scout for the last 4 years. I was in many activities in the country and I learned many important things. Things that one day will save my life. But letís return to the story. I had an activity in which I had to plant some trees. Different types, I donít remember exactly how many trees I planted how much it took me but I remember it was a windy day and a cold one. I wasnít well dressed and this thing will be only my first mistake. At a moment I stopped to drink some some water. But when I had to put it back, I forgot the bottle opened and I didnít realized what happened . When I arrived home, I have realized I am wet on my back for the last hours. That was the start of my cold.
There have been three hard weeks with fever, chills, headaches, cough, blowing nose and staying all day in the house. Just for a simple mistake. I thought I won't never be well again. But step by step I was again on my feet. I could again go to school and keep myself focused. From that moment I have become more careful and since then I always check my water bottle to be well closed.

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Hi!  8-) I appreciate you for doing this good thing (for now I'm talking about the planting of the trees and all the scout stuff). You know, something just like that happened to me once... well, I didn't use to be a scout, I was not planting any tree and I did not get a cold or anything worse, but I wet all the books that were inside my back while I was on my way home... I know that it was not as bad as your situation was, but it still sucked


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » A great mistake