[font=Verdana]Two days ago i had an wonderful experience at A.T.O.R.I met a lot of interesting people with the wish to become better and to learn new things.We met each other saying our names, class and ..........(un verb) succes...ful conversation every day .After that we speake about conversation and it's forms,aftet that we divided in groups of three or four and we made different activiti..s. The priest was ... pleasent man who teached us useful things.At the end we hug...ed each other and said good bay .I spent an amazing saturday and i hope to meet then at the next A.T.O.R. metting.
   When i arrived home i was so impressed and  i began to tell all my impressions of to my family and  they were happy becouse of my participation in this educativ project.I am very thankful of that day!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bay my friend!

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