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describe a pretty house/apartment?

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I can't wait to move alone. It seems to me that it's a moment when you take a step towards maturity and independence. Still, I still don't know how I will decorate the apartment. But I have a few ideas that I have seen at my friend's house.
     As you enter the door, you get over a salon with plenty of space. There she has a TV, a black leather sofa with small pillows with a zigzag pattern, the coffee table is white with black legs and a glass plate at its base. There are several small wooden chairs in the salon that have different sculptures, such as a Nefertiti bust, or several flower pots. It has windows from the ceiling to the floor that give a wonderful view of the city. The walls of the salon are blue and have some mini pictures that build a bigger picture, a rider with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. The kitchen is very beautiful. The cabinets have beige and gray shades, the floor is black and an effect of more space is created, each appliance has his place, everything is very well organized. In addition, she has several small pots in the kitchen, where she cultivates different spices such as basil, mint, green coriander, thyme etc. At the end of a hall is the bathroom that is relatively small but efficient. Its walls are covered with black sandstone. 
       A few marble stairs are placed to the bedroom. The bedroom is very spacious with a canopy bed, it is covered with a white blanket with red and violet flowers, on the other side of the bed are two small metal bedside tables with three drawers. The room has a large three door wooden closet with locks. The bedroom has no windows but has a door leading to a lovely balcony with a chair and a small wooden cabinet. Next to her room are three others, a bathroom, a closet and another very beautiful. There it is seen that it is her relaxation room. Inside is a black coffee table and two velvet pink armchairs are next to it. There is also a wonderful huge library full of books, they are organized in alphabetical order.
      I enjoyed spending so much time visiting such an apartment so I can think of how I want to decorate my future home.

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I really like the apartment you describe! It's seen that the person holding it has good tastes and is very organized. I think I loved the part with those mini pictures that make up a bigger one, it seems to me a magnificent idea with that rider with the bouquet in his hand. And the idea with that relaxation room is more than great. I want to wish you good luck in finding a place where you can move and to build your own style.  :cool:  :cool:  :cool:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » describe a pretty house/apartment?