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A crazy person

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It  was the firt day of September and the sun was shining brightly on the sky. Autumn was slowly making it's enterance. I couldn't wait for the leaves to fall, leaving the trees naked and vulnerable, I couldn't wait for the perfect weather to come and the  cozy outfits. I was getting ready to go out with my friends. It was a long summer and we were all busy with our relatives and most of the time we were gone in vacations so we haven't talk..... to each other for a while. While I was walking down the street I saw this woman who was wearing pajamas and her hair was unkempt. On the way I met a girl from my neighborhood who was also going to the mall to see somebody so we went together. That  lady came to us and  I was scared at first but then I remembered that I was not alone and there were also people around us. She started to talk to us about her life, she was 50 years old. I could tell  that she was beautiful when she was younger. And her eyes, those green eyes were so sad and deep they could have made you tremble. She told us that she was coming from a bad family  where her parents beated her almost everyday. When she turned 19 she ran away from home. The first days she slept on the street  (she was barely sleeping because she was really scared). One night she was searching for a place to sleep where she saw this party. She had an amazing voice so she convinced the host to let her sing for 30$. What she didn't know though was that that party was populated by rich people with connections. So that night she made a name for herself because lots of agencies wanted her. After a little while she uploaded a video on youtube and  everybody knew her . After ...... couple of years she fell in love with a guy. It was just like in movies, an unbelievable love story that ended terrible. This guy died after some time in a car accident and with his death , a part of her was gone. She didn' want to eat anymore, she was crying all day long, she was basically dead inside. Her career was gone , she didn't care anymore and she never fell in love again. She spent her life alone and she told this story to everyone that was willing to listen.  After spending so much time alone she went crazy.
                        We were feeling really sorry for her, we almost cried. I also told my friends about her story and we searched her on youtube.She was indeed one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen with an amazing voice. It's a shame honestly how she depended on a man who ........... destroyed her life.

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I am really sad about her and what happens. Life sometimes is really hard, and that kind of things could happen for anyone. I think that in this kind of moment we need to stay strong and believe in us and that things will get better in time. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head up and keep it going, and remember that your past was never a mistake if you learned from it.



I love the description with which you started. It really anticipates the terrifying story. There are so many people with great stories and we can't even hear them. Sometimes because we just don't listen but sometimes it isn't our fault. Anyway, a wonderful story.



Wow, the way in which you describe the woman and her actions is amazing, it really makes the story very believable and the details make me feel very sad for her. Also the description of your surroundings in the beginning, but later on as well is very well made, it sets a creepy but still beautiful tone to the story, one that is kind of similar to its protagonist.



Interesting idea, however I fell like you could  have described her a little more when she was crazy. something like her thoughts or maybe some gestures. But the backstory is interesting and it does teach us about the unfair treatment some people receive and about the fact that life is not fair: you can be lucky or you can just suffer. Nice story over all!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A crazy person