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letter of recommendation

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Dear Sir,
I would like to address this recommendation letter to present Mrs. Carmen Onisoru in order to be employed as a school lecturer at Gymnasium School No. 1 "Lunca Cetatui". I met the college master, I became a colleague and I worked in the same team for a year, having the opportunity to observe her desire and her professional development process.
As I have been able to notice, Mrs. Onisoru is an intelligent, working and highly motivated person, able to always find the best solution to problems. During one year of volunteering, ...........he had the chance to gain practical experience in areas such as child understanding and student psychology.
Throughout the projects she was involved in, I noticed her teacher abilities, but also a high level of creativity in working with children.
 At the same time, Mrs. Onisoru has a confident way of working and a calm attitude, always offering suitable solutions due to the ability to predict and think altogether.
On the basis of the above, I would like to strongly recommend Mrs. Carmen Onisoru to be employed as a teacher at your school.
Ruth Smith

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I like the way you described that lady. It's notice the admiration that you wear for her  and I honestly agree with you. One can easily see that he is an exemplary candidate for the post of teacher. By having a professional attitude in any situation and the fact that it can find solutions more than exciting, it is appreciated. In addition, I think that when working with children it is very important to have a creative thinking, which Miss Onişoru has.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » letter of recommendation