Dear Diary,
Today was a common day. Still, I relaxed because it is weekend. You can not even imagine how pleasant a morning is when you wake up when you want to wake up, without an alarm sounding to your ear. And no, I did not wake up again at 6 o'clock. Today I woke up at 10 o'clock. Ieeei! I did not start my day badly.  :nope:  When I got out of bed I immediately went to the fridge to eat something. I like food very much. I could say "Food is life, dude!". Anyway, let's get over the subject. I listened to music because if I do not listen to music someday, that day pass in vain. In fact, right now, while I'm writing this text, I'm listening to music.
Later, my cousin was bored and asked me if I wanted to go out into town. We got ready and we got out. We went to the mall by tram. In the tram it was very busy and it was a strong smell of B.O. It was disgusting. Luckily we had only two tram stops to go. We went in the clothes stores; we took lunch at the Food Court and walked in the city. Then we spent the rest of the day watching comedy movies together. After she left, I read a few pages of a very interesting book that I started reading a few days ago.
I listened to music again before bedtime and the day is over. I know, it's not an interesting story, it's not an exciting day, it's nothing interesting, but it's a day of my life. You are my diary and you have to bear all my boring stories.  8-)

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