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Describe how some people dress

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Each country has a particular culture. It is represented by specific food, traditions or clothing specific to the people. For example, in Scotland there is that kilt.
 The Scottish kilt word is derived from the northern term kjalta, which means wrapping, gathering around the body. Tartan comes from the French tyretaine, which initially designated a type of material, a heavier wool, and a model type.
It consists of a skirt, but has the particularity of being carried  worn by men. It is currently used only on great occasions such as weddings or other traditional Scottish events, etc.
 It wraps around the waist and thighs, with a side that overlaps the front, the overlapping front (sort) opens to the right,...........[conjunctie] over  the kilts are pleated. They are relatively straight, but they have enough material to allow them to be released on the move. The front part has no folds, the typical Scottish kilt is made of 8-9 meters of wool.
 A kilt doesn't  have pockets, and therefore an important accessory is a leather case covered with a fur called sporran. It is said that there is money ........[unde?]in this case.
The color of the kilt differs between   among the different clans from of the Scottish region. The particular design of each plaid fabric (corresponding to each clan) is called tartan.
     Because of the heavy rains that fall in Scotland throughout the year, they are said to have used these things to prevent the pants from getting wet.
      This style of Scots distinguishes them from other peoples. So they have a symbol of their country, meaning manhood. The kilt has many details that make it look great, its colors are a combination of strength, passion and life (black, red and green). Honestly, it also offers an image of the elegance of the man wearing it.

continutul ar trebui divizat in paragrafe cu continut unitar; adauga si o concluzie

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Your paragraph was really very usefull and i found out lots of new thinks that i havent known before. This culture subject is a very debated one and I was impressed to read about it. Scotish culture always interesed me especially their kilts that cant be found anywhere else in the World. I have seen them in movies and thats why i was happy to read something new about scotish culture and clothes.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe how some people dress