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I've always been waiting waited to get to college the university. Especially thinking I could get to this one. And, happily, I succeeded. But there are also some shortcomings of being so far away from home. I'm do not missinged only my family, but also my old friends.
     Until yesterday, I've been talking with them only via social-media but, as the Winter Break has had came, I went home for holidays.
     It was wonderful to see my friend again. We met in a cafe where we used to hang out after school, and seated sat down at a table which we used to call "ours". We are had consideringed it the "best table" because of the moderate light from the window - not too intense, not too faint - that was more than perfect when we were meeting met there to study together.
     We discussed on different topics, most of them focused on the our academic life. We also talked about my faculty choice. I .....have..... dreamed about being a doctor since childhood. Because I've always wanted to have a profession in which I could help people, especially at the health part. But then, just a few weeks before applying to college for the university, I realized that I'm not strong enough to see or do all of the thing..that.. a doctor is supposed to. So I oriented myself to another passion of mine: psychology. And I decided to become a psychotherapist., so I could help people with their health without seeing all of the things a doctor has to.
     We continued to talk for almost five hours, after which we set an hour when we will meet today, this time in our favorite park. I can't wait to see them again!

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Great composition! Seeing friends after a long time apart is truly an emotional event and I can totally relate. But I believe the topic was "family reunion". This counts too, though, because sometimes friends are seen as part of the family. Good job!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Reunion