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describe how some people dress

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Today I will talk to you a little bit, you who read this little story about my vision of the clothing ........ of a group of boys called COCALARI.Nowadays. These 'specimens' of boys appear everywhere. You can find them absolutely anywhere, at the pool, at the stadium, at the mall, at the fast food ...... , at the corner of the block, everywhere.
We start with the physical ...... , their appearance. Usually their tendency is to stand out with glittering or chic clothes, possibly written by Gucci (fake). The borset is supported by the shoulder and falls on the side of the thigh, where in most cases it is a belt with a large emblem showing their value and the trick they prove.
            Typically, the pants are various, from very crowded, to better observe the lace up to those with the left and to the left. Glasses will never be removed from the equation. There must be at least a pair of glasses, positioned or back, placed on the neck or forehead, because the head should be ....... a cap or hair with a ton of fixative or gel at 5 lei from the chaperone. These guys, to a large extent, are believed .......... much higher (or trying to look) than anyone around him, girl or boy. If ....... is a girl, it is imperative to feel the dominant and powerful alpha boy, but if there is a boy here, enter "jmekeria". A "struggle" between two cocalarists can degenerate very strongly, from mother swearing, to Jianina or Gibilan, usually random names to some sort of quarrel between peacocks, never jump to each other because they do not they want to spoil their hair, but they do not even seem to have done anything. They usually have in the best cases a pleasant odor of aftershawe, 1 kg of perfume a day or in worse cases ... only the natural scent, the sweat. Those demonstrating their negligence and their indifference to others and at the same time demonstrating superiority, they find you like "fa", "zdeanta mea ," or a dozen stupid nicknames. If you are a girl and you look good, decent, they can not help but do not make.... their numbers and build...... their muscles and call you "papusa," printesa mea,, or ,, mamasita,, and some whistles at the end.
               My opinion is not good about these people, here I have tried to write briefly, although I do not like them at all, do not create problems and just do not take them into account, even if they meet them everywhere. I think stupidity is great and you best treat it with ignorance!

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I think that we are all familiar with this kind of ''specimens''. Unfortunately, they are not only everywhere, but they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon; apparently they think that they are cool, and maybe they think that everyone telling them how dumb they look and act must just be jealous. I personally don't like to surround myself with this kind of people, and I really hope that for most of them, this is nothing more than a phase.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » describe how some people dress