Dear Calistra Mjestra,
           I am writing to you regarding Dumitru Prisacaru.I have known Dumitru for about 5 years. We made the gims together, and now we're college students. I can say that I have a great appreciation for Dumitru, although I have not been much involved with him. He is a very serious, conscientious and organized boy. He loves history more than anyone loved so far and is extraordinarily dedicated. In my opinion, Dumitru would be a perfect historical guide to your company because of his abilities that fit perfectly with this job.
          The first time I met him I did not think he could hide such an interesting person...... behind this bold and shy boy. Only after a while did I realize from his words how much he loves anything related to history, literature and even art. So far he has participated in many contests and Olympiads, went and recited poems in front of an entire hall full of people and a jury and each year he was awarded the 1st prize. Mitica managed to raise the reputation of the high school, but also on the other hand to evolve. He is good at English, without extra training, and he does well. I think he would be the most perfect volunteer for this job he desires from all his soul and what makes him perfect is his abilities. The history of the strong point combined with the Romanian and English literature, the essential foreign language.
            Dumitru is from my point of view the best candidate, he is tenacious, calm, respectful with the people around him and very seriously. This can be confirmed by his teachers, colleagues and friends. I want Dumitru to receive this position, because I would see a friend who manages to fulfill his dream and to go the way that he has proposed.If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.



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