A beautiful village
         Beauty is a word that canít be defined. It has a different meaning for everybody, but still some things are simply beautiful for each and every one of us. There are moments in your life that you will remember for the rest of it. They usually are eventslike weddings, holidays, birthdays and so on, but I will always remember the beauty of one small village in Greece.
      Since childhood I have had an ongoing love for the sea and so last year I went into the western region of Greece. I remember being on top of a mountain in my car looking out the window seeing nothing but endless shades of blue. I closed my eyes for a brief second and I found myself at the bottom of the dusty mountain. After a few minutes I entered a small fishervillage. Stepping out of my car my eyes were overwhelmed by the unthinkable combinations of high mountains dusty at the peaks and full of wild green trees and other different plants at the bottom and the deep shades of blue and lively types of turquoise all underneath the same sky.                                                                                                                                               
The village itself looked like it belonged in a fairytale. The houses were painted in seamless white, soft blues and gold yellows having natural clay roof tiles.Futhermore the houses are built on rocky surfaces making them look like ancient skyscrapers. By far the most breathtaking aspect of the village is the beach. Having a colorful reef full of marine life, this beach lays in between the mountain making it look unreal. After millions of years, the sea dug its way into the rigid mountain creating a usual landscape. When I got into the clear glass water I could see what was under the water. There were so many colorful rooks, deep green algae and a lot of small fish finding their way into the sea. The sand was the softest one my feet have ever stepped on.
       All in all the landscapes and the people created the most peaceful place I have ever visited. In this village I felt like I was part of something more.

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