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Should we drive a car as soon as possible?

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We live in the century of speed, where one of us must be able to adapt to social demands, including a car license as soon as possible. In my opinion, people shouldn't be able to drive as soon as possible for a number of reasons.
    Firstly, a very young person is immature, like teenagers, not being prepared to take on certain responsabilities.  At this age, children are in high school and they need to focus their energy to get good grades and driving school takes a long time, during which you can prepare for the final exam. For example, many young people consider that driving school is and this lack of maturity makes them not take the driving licence, losing time and money.
     Secondly, the age of adolescence is the age we are experiencing and this is not particularly favorable for serious things, such as driving. For example, most young people usually drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel, causing fatal accidents in which they lose their lives, as they can not distinguish between good and bad.
     Admittedly, owning a car license as soon as possible also has positive parts, because you can move faster from one place to another, avoiding ...is......crowding public transport. However, these days public transport has evolved and they often reach the... destination faster, having priority in traffic, at the same time you can ride a bicycle.
     In conclusion, to own a car license as soon as possible is not the best idea, because you can expose yourself to very high risks, which can be avoided. I consider that in the future, most people will have a car license from a very early age, because this is imposed by the society that is evolving very quickly.  :rain:

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     I liked the part where you mentioned the priorities of the young people in high school. What seems more worrying to me is that students in the fourth year of high school use driving lessons or the driving test as an excuse for their absences and their bad grades.
     Getting a driving license must be done during free time. (summer, for example).  :idea:  :huh:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Should we drive a car as soon as possible?