I believe that we all have the right of free choice. Since itís a personal matter how one chooses to dress. But this doesnít mean that I canít express my own opinion. Clothes should express the way you are and they should be able to tell the story you are unwilling to say. Therefore, clothes do make the man.
    When I am piking out clothesI like trying figuring out how I am perceived by others. What message I am sending, what mood I am giving up. We donít usually realize that, but our clothes reflect our subconscious. Sometimes I find myself noticing how incredibly terrible some of my classmates dress. Not one, not two, more than half have a real issue. One of the problems is that they don't know how to dress appropriate for their shape. Some of them are completely in the dark that crop tops, skinny jeans, turtlenecks and leggings donít flatter their body. If you are larger in size, then stop trying to fit in the smallest clothes. It's also important to keep in mind that height comes into play. For example oversized hoodies donít work on petite people. Those hoodies will only make you look shorter and chubbier. Short skirts can be really ill-fitting on taller figures. Anyways there are many easy tips for helping picking the right styles and sizes for the way you are built.
    But by far, the biggest problem is not knowing how to put together an outfit. One girl that I know (her name will not be said) looks like she dresses in the dark. First of all her go to styles are: colored leggings with very weird looking hoodies(she usually matches them), high  waisted jeans with tops that look ancient and last but not least leggings with grandma blouses. The colors that she chooses are very odd: neon blue, hot pink, kaki and turquoise. These colors are not the problem; the problem is that she wears all of them together. What is there left to say, she has no fashion sense.
      To conclude I really donít want to sound mean, but the truth hurts the most. In the end of the day the most important thing is who you are underneath those cloth......s.

fiecare paragraf ar trebui sa aiba un subiect separat - aici, cele 2 paragrafe par sa reia aceeasi tema
asta ar trebui sa fie un eseu narativ-descriptiv - descrierea trebuie sa fie mai detaliata, cu 2-3 adjective in fata unui substantiv, cu mirosuri, gusturi, sunete etc

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