People got different tastes when it comes to fashion  and styles. Some are personal and unique while some are seen everywhere and still looking sharp. I recognise the nature of a person by what the respective is wearing and I usually tend to look up to people who manage to rock the modern and the 90's aesthetic style

I observe the predominance of unusual colours which are trying to come to surface , for they've been left at the bottom of the sack of choices for quite a long time now. Pastels such as banana and daffodil yellow, periwinkle and amethyst purples brewed  with shades of sapphire blue or olive green.
Apple red jackets clueing to the tangerine coloured skinny and long dress one's wearing, with chiffon white sneakers and a black waist purse.

Today's trendy style resumes to this. I believe that, the more the elders would complain , the better these trends look in the eyes of youth and modernism. Even if the tight denim skirts belong with the thick belts and slim fit blouses with a large ,long and crazy coloured coat on top,  ,many people who keep living in the past always find a way to ruin the fun by throwing some random criticism at you or whoever else is  the "tasteless" person .

Old and current times combined in  an aesthetically right manner make up the way some people dress nowadays. And to me,  even if it's not my style nor one I plan to adopt , it is always pleasant to look at and to think and talk about.