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describe a pretty house

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I really liked to dream about things that I particularly care about, although there are things they can not get right now. For example, the perfect and beautiful home for me. It seems terrific to modernize your house according to your character, your preferred color and things like that. Especially because you spend most of your time there.
       Long ago I was in such a home. It was wonderful. I did not want to go  anymore. It was a house with ground floor and one floor, with a total of 9 rooms. On the ground floor were 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, and upstairs 2 bedrooms, a huge balcony and an extraordinary bathroom. The thing that I really liked was the fact that no room was overloaded with unnecessary things.
      Outside, the house was dressed in a pale yellow, yellow color that looked very good in contrast to the dominant green of the garden behind the house. There was a cradle in front of the house next to a tall tree,good for a sunny summer afternoon. Inside each room was designed according to the vital elements of life. For example, a room was based on fire. This room had a reddish shade with little spot of yellow and orange. The fireplace was present. On the walls there were sorts of fire-related stuff. And so on . Follow the water, the sun and so on. If you liked to cook, the kitchen was your best friend. There you found everything your heart wanted. And if you wanted to relax, the bathroom was the right place. You found oriental music for relaxation, all sorts of treats, red wine and so on.
       This house was amazing. It's the perfect home for my kind of person. Pretentious and expensive, but it is worth it!

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I am sure that when you decorate your own home you will spend a lot of time choosing colors, furniture and other things. The house you presented seems to be a nice and simple one, I love the contrast between the house and the garden, it seems lively.



The idea with the rooms based on fire, water, sun and the other ones is a very interesting concept and I think I would've been nice if you would've took the time and describe them a bit more. And also I believe it's a bit impulsive to say that it's the perfect house for anyone because all of us have different tastes and opinions. Besides these aspects I believe your essay is very nice and the house actually seems very interesting.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » describe a pretty house